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Cellulite & Body Contouring

Our Body Contouring Treatments are the most popular on the market for minimizing the appearance of Cellulites and Fat deposits in body. Treatment's effectiveness vary just like anything on the market, Depending on each individual's, age, health, genetics, and lifestyle. We will do a full assessment and tell you upon 1st visit. This treatment includes a full diet exercise and lifestyle assessment.

Combination of Treatments are used to help improve circulation and fat loss of treated area. 


Cellulite/Body Contouring Cavitation Treatment Pricing

Price per area/session 


Pkg. of 3  $239

For more info on this treatment, Please feel free to contact us.

What our customers are saying

I bought a Package of 3, after the 3rd session I did see some difference in the area, where as I tried this treatment else where and saw no result. The price is very reasonable as I am a student and I will be continuing my treatments at this Clinic. Very Friendly Staff.

Christine Balla-August 2016