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LED Light  Therapy


THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIGHT THERAPY FACIALS AND I.P.L. PHOTOS FACIALS ARE L.E.D Photo Facials ARE VERY SAFE and EFFECTIVE where as I.P.L. uses Laser to treat skin that can result to more risks and side effects. L.E.D. light therapy is used to treat a variety of skin problems and help with skin's overall appearance. It is the latest technology used in spa's across the world today. Sounds too Good to be true? well it really is as good as it sounds. Each Colour is used to treat different skin related conditions. Perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES AND IS VERY SAFE.

BLUE: Destroys Acne Causing Bacteria and it's environment

RED: An aid to sun damaged and aging skin, Promotes circulation and firmness.

YELLOW: Reduces redness and inflammation due t Edma and rosacea

GREEN: Evens skin tone, Dark and Light spots on face

LED Light Therapy  

$49 per session

Pkg. of 3  $135

With Facial 

$59 per session 

Pkg. of 3  $159

What our customers are saying

Everyone Complimented my skin, I love how it left my skin glowing. 

Michelle Wong-February 2016